12. Februar 2012

Some ideas about minimalism


Minimalism is all about having enough. It’s about having only what you need, no more, and especially no less.

‘What you need’ can refer especially to your possessions, but can also include your commitments, relationships, work and lifestyle.

(Jessica Dang)

* * *

There are people who wake up in the morning only to look forward to an hour of sitting in their car in bad traffic, then sitting at their desk doing a job that makes them bored or tired, then going home exhausted and sitting in front of the TV, then spending their weekends spending the money they earned to buy things that ‘make them happy’ when all they’re really doing is perpetuating the cycle.

(Jessica Dang)

* * *

I’ve learned that minimalism can be done anywhere you go and it doesn’t require that you move to a farm or give up your contact with people. Just the opposite: minimalism is about giving up consumption in favor of doing things you’re passionate about and having real relationships with a few people you really value. I’d much rather have a conversation with someone doing something amazing than go shopping.

(Leo Babauta)

* * *

If you’ve already paid, for example, $15 for an all-you-can-eat buffet, you can either eat about $15-25 worth of food, or stuff yourself with junk until you’re about to burst. Either way, you’re still going to be paying the same amount of cash and the register when you leave, except that you’ll also pay the price for a stomachache later on or in the long term, you’ll pay the price in your weight or health:

Resources that have been irrecoverably spent shouldn’t influence your future decisions on what you do with it.

Economists like to call it ‘throwing good money after bad’.

(Jessica Dang)



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