9. Dezember 2012

Start taking some control back


Many times people end up in stressful situations because they’ve maintained low personal standards.

They let other people talk down to them, treat them unfairly and disrespectfully, and take advantage of them.

They’re willing to trade their dignity and self-respect for a job, an income, a place to live, a family, etc.

But in the end, these decisions so often lead to high stress and a feeling of not being in control. And that loss of self-control ages and kills people much faster.

If you find yourself in a stressful situation, then perhaps it’s time to start taking some control back.

Raise your standards about what’s acceptable to you in terms of how you’re treated, how you’re willing to invest your precious time, and how you want your physical environment to be maintained.

Communicate these standards to others, and if they don’t cooperate, stop dealing with them.



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